The process of appropriation could be considered as a social anthropological study of cultural and cross-cultural contact. I am interested in what happens when something is taken from one space to another, how its translation can be changed or manipulated when presented in a new context, allowing the viewer to renegotiate the meaning of the original in a different, more relevant way to them.

While I understand culture is much broader than artistic endeavours, I believe the arts can aid exploration of cultural identity and can contribute to it – and of course a person or persons cultural identity is not easily defined.

By using easily accessible images from the media and by using images and language available for public consumption. I am interested in challenging how underlying messages function and the general perception of them. Through the use of recognisable elements, methodologies and content, my work explores a sense of being temporary and that the stereotypes and denigrating terms can’t last, that language is always interchangeable and subjective.

In short: I am very interested in people. I implore you to dig into that child like curiosity, take a new lens to the strangers around you. They might turn out to be more fascinating than you ever could have imagined.

“I’m interested in coupling the ingratiation of wishful thinking with the criticality of knowing better.” Barbara Kruger, 1987.1




Bachelor of Fine art
Whitecliffe College of Art and Design [2013-2016]

Whitecliffe Foundations Certificate in Arts and Design [2012]



Sick group show at Yes Collective [2015]

Year 4 Borderline Group Show at Pearce gallery [2016]

Whitecliffe graduate exhibition [2016]


Previous Work:

Intern for Rawstorne Studio [2015]
Creative Director: Robin Rawstorne
Creative Producer: Sarah Johnson

Production assistant for Rawstorne Studio on the ‘The Idea Collective’ Installation at MOTAT [2015]

Curator/Production manager for the ‘Sick’ group show at Yes Collective [2015]

Production assistant for Westfield Newmarket NZ shoot [2017]
Agency: Moffitt Moffitt
Director: Derek Henderson